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Re: fcb1010: dirty data...anyone ever noticed?

On 4 okt 2006, at 15.41, Warren Sirota wrote:

> Here's another idea for a workaround, off the top of my head. Hope  
> it's not
> too na´ve... Might it be possible to program those switches to send  
> out a
> *harmless* CC (i.e., one that your other gear will ignore, like  
> CC86 or
> something), and *then* shut off the CC output? Perhaps then the bug  
> would
> manifest in a more benign manner for you...

The problem is that this  "leaking" MIDI data have nothing to do with  
which data the pedal is programmed to send out.

A MIDI filtering application is not a good solution either, in case  
the pedal leaks out events that has to be used for controlling some  
device (the problem with some hardware devices is that you can't  
adjust their MIDI binding setup).

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