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Re: fcb1010: dirty data...anyone ever noticed?

This is great thank you Zoe ignore my previous

--- Zoe Keating <cello@zoekeating.com> wrote:

> To help me out with all this midi stuff I installed
> MidiMonitor to  
> keep track of all the messages going in and out of
> the computer.
> Great little program. I also used it to generate a
> detailed list of  
> all the messages I'm sending on each bank...it's
> gotten complicated  
> enough that I've started forgetting what is where...
> Anyway...what's been pretty enlightening, watching
> the midi messages  
> scroll by, is noticing a few bits of "extra" data
> being sent along  
> with my patches.... occasionally. I also I noticed
> that the Repeaters  
> don't wig out so much when controlled by the
> computer as they do when  
> controlled by the FCB1010. I think quite a few of my
> long-standing  
> midi problems are about the foot controller, not the
> Repeater.
> (with one exception: every now and then I can still
> make the Repeater  
> speed by pressing the Multiply button on the front,
> and if I send too  
> many messages at once, or messages in rapid
> succession the unit will  
> get stuck with a "Not Ready" message on the
> LCD...but these problems  
> are my old friends now and we're used to each other)
> So back to those "extra", messages from the
> FCB1010...
> has anyone ever noticed them???
> In my case, it's always "hidden" Control data from
> CNT1, that is  
> turned off in a patch, but about every 2nd press,
> gets sent anyway!
> I can make it happen consistently every other time
> by sending a Note  
> message. To test, I turned off every single switch
> in a bank of  
> patches, EXCEPT for the Note switch (switch 0).  The
> "bonus" Control  
> message sent with the Note message is always what
> WOULD be sent if   
> CNT1 switch (switch 6) were on.
> Very interesting....
> I'm going to take this up on the FCB1010 forum, but
> since there are a  
> few people who use this pedal, I thought I'd mention
> it.
> Wish those Ground Control buttons weren't those
> little metal doo- 
> dads....or I'd use that...


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