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Re: MAX/msp question

At 19:40 29/10/2006, you wrote:
>Yes. But but regarding the step sequencer, it depends on what is 
>driving the time. I have never used (so it doesn't bother me) midi 
>sync, but I understand that it is not great in max.

Very good indeed in Bidule.
If you have a tap time looper with midi sync out it's no problem to sync 
to it.
You could even have a number of different loopers, running at 
different tempi, each with synced fx

Bidule hosts all sorts of vsts, any no. of channels, and lets you 
hook them up any way you like (audio, midi, sync), and you can do 
that while the audio is actually running.
pc & mac ( AU supported on mac)

not expensive

It has simple midi synced loop components if you needed those too.

It doesn't have the "support base" here that MAX has :-)