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RE: Mixer with MIDI scene recall

Hello, Greg;
I use an old Peavey PLM8128 MIDI controlled line mixer, ancient-o-days and 
kinda' noisy, but usable.  Have you looked into the Yamaha 01 or 02 

Dan Montgomery

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Subject: Mixer with MIDI scene recall

Hello to all you loopers,

I’ve been trying to build up my guitar rig for a while and have gathered a 
few effects boxes and rack units along the way. I need a way to connect it 
all together such that whatever combination I come up with I can save as a 
preset. Does anyone know of a small (rack sized) 8 to 12 channel, 2 or 4 
bus mixer that has MIDI scene recall? I would prefer this to one of the 
many guitar oriented ‘matrix’ type units available (such as the 
Switchblade, Max1, G-System, etc.) How do you control your setup?

Any feedback greatly appreciated.