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Re: Mixer with MIDI scene recall

Title: Re: Mixer with MIDI scene recall
Hey thanks Don, that’s very helpful. I’m amazed there aren’t more options when it comes to this type of mixer as well. I’ll keep an eye out for one, maybe I’ll get lucky.


Hello, Greg;

8 inputs (8 1/4", two XLR)  with optional 20 db gain pad
3 aux sends
monitor buss
Stereo output  buss
crossfade time adjustment
most controllers can be assigned to any  MIDI controller
... and a few more  points.
Nice idea, I don't know why they dropped it.  ...years ago  ...without comment. ...or replacement.

Market forces, maybe?

I bought it from the bottom of a rack of used equipment at a local MI retailer.  They thought it was a digital EQ.

The 8128 was a very early MIDI unit and therefore has some ... eccentricities.  For example, I'm confident that you know that MIDI controllers are set to a scale of 128 increments designated, conveniently enough, as either 0-127 or 1-128 depending on the manufacturer.  
The controls of the 8128 are on a scale of 0-100.

Also, the internal memory is volatile and uses an onboard battery.  If the battery is replaced, the unit will not even retain it VCA parameters and will require total recalibration. I just had mine done last year at the factory shop and they seemed amazed that there were still functional units in use.

I've been having some contact issues with an output jack.  The display can be difficult to read in some light conditions and is not adjustable.  There is no 'MIDI Thru'.  And, did I mention 'noisy'.  I haven't measured it and it isn't too bad for most live venues, as the provided systems are noisy anyway.  but, I wouldn't want to do any serious recording with it.  Then again, there's no need to.
And, I can't imagine not having it.

I control it, a Digitech DSP256XL, my Repeater and Ableton from a Behringer 1010.  You can see the rack here <http://www.fixedfocus.org/graphics/LightRig.JPG>  & here <http://www.fixedfocus.org/graphics/LoopRack.JPG> .  Or, if you have a myspace login, their on my pix page <http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&amp;friendId=48235481&amp;setonlinenow=1&amp;setrsi=1&amp;Mytoken=B6379403-643B-42F5-B9419E5F2616638132177283> .

www.fixedfocus.org <http://www.fixedfocus.org>

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Hi Don, that one rang a bell, I did have a favourite search set in ebay for
the 8128. I've re-enabled it cause it looks just the ticket. Seems there are
plenty stateside, but I'm not sure I'll see many here in the UK. What are
your experiences of the unit?