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Audio/video midi interaction

I'm working with a spanish VJ  in these days, trying new (for me) live 
data interactions between audio and video that maybe could be interesting 
for someone in this list.

My FCB midi out controls the Repeater and my keyboard. Midi signal 
destination is the Behringer BCR200, a Midi controller with fader and 
buttons that my friend uses to control some parameter and functions 
to MODUL8, a Mac video software for live performance.
We are associating some midi controls i use with the RPTR with some video 
control, so when i trigger a midi data it affects the video output.
For example:
- my volume cc is associated to the luminosity parameter of the video 
software, so, when i decrease the volume, the immages on screen become 
progressively dark (a sort of audio/midi fade out in syncro);
- with the reverse/forward function i get the same effect on video 
(perfectly in sync). 
- or i can control blur, saturation, trasparency, etc...with my fcb 
midi controls to my Rptr.
(Another interesting thing i want to test is feedback control associated 
a video function that let me remove video layers ...)

Not new, obviously, but intreresting, i think...
Anyone trying something like this ? experiences ?