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RE: 3rd Hand + DL-4(was: Boss RC-2 Shipping Now...Just Recieved Mine)

Title: RE: 3rd Hand + DL-4(was: Boss RC-2 Shipping Now...Just Recieved Mine)

>>... By the way, Recevied is misspelled in the subject line... And so is detented - what ever that means.<<

but you spelt "received" wrong too, & "detented" IS spelt like that. :-)

it means there are little notches to hold the switch in the right position.... like the ones in a stratocaster pickup switch..... that would make the 3rd-hand device difficult to use with it. anyway, if you took the knob off to fit the 3rd-hand, you wouldn't know which way it was pointing.

besides, you'd only really need to do this if you were frequently going from one of the delay emulations into & out of looper mode, & an additional "proper" footswitch might be better for this. or a 2nd DL4.



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