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Re: Question about looping software

Per Boysen wrote:
> The typical way of looping in SooperLooper is rather 
> difficult to do in Live (I would say "impossible" if you want do do it 
> fluently with an improvisational touch). With that I mean starting out 
> by creating a loop of your playing - which also defines the tempo and - 
> then overdubbing many musical layers into that loop and also starting 
> other loops in parallel, eventually of different length.

Speaking of the typical way of using sooperlooper...

One of my favorite things about the EDP is the way you can adjust cycle 
lengths using the multiply or insert button without any quantization 
set. This gives fine grained control over the loop start and end points 
and allows the freedom to develop the loop over time in astonishing 
ways. I haven't yet had a chance to try sooperlooper. Does anyone know 
if it supports these features?

- Sam