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Re: Vintage Gear, E-bait etc

> Well... I also knew (back in the pre Ebay day)
> antique dealers who 
> would go to yard sales, live auctions, estate sales
> and buy stuff and 
> pay peanuts for it and sell it for a fortune.

We just had a yard sale yesterday and I can confirm
that still happens.  I love having a yard sale.  It's
amazing to me to see the people who get there before
you open because they want to find the 62 Stratacastor
you're selling for $30.  The $5 Stratavarius.  Wee! 
Ebay's probably killed a bit of this.

That said, I went on ebay the night before and got an
idea of what some of my "higher ticket" items were
selling for and priced them for less.  If someone
wants to spend the time trapsing around in SF traffic
to find some treasures to make a buck for, then have
at it.  I just need some space in my house for things
I no longer use very much.  That's the reality of it. 
Welcome to capitalism, USA styleeeee.  Some of it we
didn't price at all and when a family showed up in a
92 Honda Civic who obviously was looking to furnish
their kitchen inexpensively, got it for next to
nothing.  Really I just like good stuff to find a
loving home.

It todally depends.  I just sold my Repeater on ebay
for way way too much.  I've also sold things for less
than they were worth.  It's a crapshoot.  One thing
about ebay is that in a sense you really only pay
*what you're willing to pay* and no more.  If you are
filthy rich and have to buy a Repeater quick, well
then have at it.  Mine went for a lot more than my
"buy it now" price.  Maybe it's my fame as a rock
star?  Always blame it on the rock stars. ;)

The Repeater was obviously not at the yard sale, nor
were a few other choise tidbits that do bring in a bit
of money via ebay.  It will take me time and effort to
put them up there though, and that's all part of it. 
If you're willing to do the work, you can often make
more money.  I think that might be a universal
principal.  Don't blame it on the rock stars.  I
didn't recognize a single one at my yard sale, but I
was happy to sell my $130 Gracey Guitar Stand to a
musician for $25 so I wouldn't have do deal with
packing and shipping it.


--- Richard Sales <richard@glasswing.com> wrote:

  So in
> a way Ebay has 
> been good for those folks who in the past would have
> sold their dead 
> soldier brothers' 55 Tele for $200.   Of course,
> it's absurd what folks 
> pay in auctions.  This is true in live auctions too.
>  You get into a 
> frenzy and lose your mind.  I went to ONE and will
> never go again.  
> It's like Las Vegas on acid.
> But if any of you ever decide to sell your 1940 Ford
> or early 60s gold 
> top Les Paul for half of what it sold for new,
> please let me know.

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