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Re: G

>  here in the US, we're stuck with 60 Hz
> hum, annoyingly close to (but not quite in tune with) Bb.

     Actually, it's 51 cents sharp of Bb, 49 cents flat of B.  Close 
enough that I used to use 60
cycle wall current hum to tune a second piano in a quarter-tone 
relationship to a normal piano
tuned to A=440.

> I have a theory
> that fluorescent light would look much more natural if a second bulb 
> be used , driven by a somehow-filtered AC/mains circuit to achieve the
> tritone of 60 Hz (is that 90 Hz?). The light generated at the tritone 
> have frequency characteristics to compliment the 60 Hz light and take 
> that wicked too-red emphasis that 60 Hz fluorescence has.

     90 Hz to 60 Hz is the ratio 3/2, otherwise known as a perfect fifth.  
84 Hz would get you
much closer to a tritone.  Though I don't understand what you are 
referring to well enough to know
if it would alter the "too-red emphasis" or not.  In my understanding, 
fluorescent light is harsh
because it's made up of a pulse wave turning the light on and off rapidly. 
 Incadescent light is
more akin to analog waveforms like triangle waves.


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