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Re: OT: Audio Quality (Was advice needed)

--- Paul Richards <paulrichard10@adelphia.net> wrote:

> (downloads your mp3 and listens to it on $100
> computer speakers.)
> How true. I can't get my mind around the corundrum
> of opposing directions in audio & video. I hear
> folks at work claiming that they won't even buy a
> DVD unless it's a newer one that will bring out the
> quality of their LCD

Quality of an LCD?  Ha, there's the rub: LCD's
generally suck compared to a good CRT with the same
resolution.  Way better contrast for sure.  People buy
LCDs not for their quality but for their thin/light
nature.  People didn't buy CDs for their quality, they
bought them because they were easier to stock (for
retail and consumer) and more durable/portable. 
People don't buy mp3s for... oh wait, they ususally
just download them for free.

Basically it's all going to hell. ;)  I'm betting
it'll be somewhere between Bladerunner and Mad Max
(but Mel will be shouting more anti semetic phrases)

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