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Re: boss rc50 vs mh2880

i've been one of the more vocal complainers about the rc50 glitch, and i concur with what dan says.  it does work.  the record pedal itself, i would say, is still not as sensitive as say the behringer midi pedal for the edp.  somewhat similar to the rc20 you have to remember that the attack is not when your foot hits the pedal but when it actually is fully depressed.  i think the behringer pedal is such that you don't have to think about that, but nevertheless, it is so far a very welcome update.  the only problem now is that i have taught myself to play "through"  one of the first beat of the playback, and now i have to keep reminding myself not to do that.

ironically, i feel that the rc2 pedal "action" may be the best of the bunch.  i picked one up as a backup and for smaller, more intimate gigs, and so far i have to say it's pretty impressive in that regard.  very natural feeling.  previous posts have pointed out correctly that to erase a current phrase you have to hold it down and hear the first few seconds of what you were just looping play before it erases (why,....why?  why did that seem "ok" to roland), so i am using an extra pedal to stop and erase.  then the question is, if by the time you're into the rc2 and the additional stop/erase pedal, you're pretty damn close the rc20, so why go with the rc2?  again, i have to say i think the rc2 is smoother in its feel.