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Re: cheap two way switches

I use this inexpensive one:
Boss AB-2 (AB2) A/B Footswitch Selector Pedal

Mic and guitar are going through the same signal path.


On Feb 12, 2007, at 09:11 :55, Per Boysen wrote:

> When you say "live two way switches" I'm guessing you want to use  
> the same input for both voice and guitar? I was looking into this  
> some years ago, when I was using my EDP plus Repeater and had only  
> one input. I learned that if you go for a switch you need to get  
> some really good (and expensive) ones to avoid loud bumps in the  
> PA. There might be many but this is a brand I was recommended:  
> http://www.lehle.com/