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Job offer (no spam!)

Hi there!

I've thought it would be nice to have a seminar/masterclass on looping for 
the summer courses of the music school where i'm teaching.

I hope my rude english does not make this letter impossible to understand.

Some things about:
* The place: Muro/Beniarrés (Alacant/Spain).
* Mailing about the courses goes to Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia ... 
* I was thinking of a 3/4 days course, in July, you choose the exact 
dates, that may end with a concert in a small venue (this is certinly 
* The event is held if the number of appliances can cover the teachers' 
flight, accomodation, food and payment. If not I'll contact you as soon as 
possible to free your time. Anyhow, the flight ticket will be covered by 
us if the course is not going to happen.
* Of course, anybody can come to the course. I let you know which are the 
prices in two weeks, aprox.

O.k., if interested, send me your proposals, ideas, or whatever and we can 
continue in private mailing arranging such a thing. Sorry but we are in a 
hurry... Just 9 days left!