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RE: New You Tube Video


Thanks for the flattering comment! Just having fun; luckily I had a VERY
good audience that night as they were almost all there to see the Yes
tribute band, and Yes fans are IMO attentive, sophisticated, and also like
to rock! That particular band, Parallels, was sublime, focusing on the Yes
Album/Fragile/Close to the Edge-era stuff, but they also whipped out a mean
'Gates of Delirium'. Check 'em out if you get a chance.

If some folks out there (particularly in the States) are looking for more
performance opportunities, I highly recommend opening for Prog tribute
bands; their built-in audiences are amazing, and the bands themselves
appreciate a solo opener that doesn't take up too much space on stage as
they don't have to strike their gear after soundcheck. Here in the States
there are a lot of truly great tribute bands, and they all of course have
built-in followings; they barely even have to promote.

Peace Out,

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Wow! Greg,
  IMO this represents a superb blend of musicianship, composition, and
technology !   


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Subject: New You Tube Video

Hi Folks,

I just posted a new video up on Youtube if anyone is interested. It's a 
performance in Sacramento, where I was opening for a Yes tribute band 
'Parallels' - they're really good!


Usual disclaimers: My performance is a little sloppy (I was getting some
fret rattle that week) and there is quite a bit of crowd and bar noise, but
what the heckle...