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Original Nintendo AC output adapter works with DL4 and Alesis ModFX

that is the short and sweet of it. you can find these adapters at thrift 
stores and yard sales everywhere. i had like 5 of these things. one day 
i thought, " when am i ever gonna use these" and threw them all out 
except one. then i got a dl4 w/o a pwr supply. dug out the remaining 
adapter, changed the plug end to one of those radio shack adapta-plugs 
cuz i thought polarity mattered(not with ac output i was told. it is 
converted to dc once it hits the dl4), and presto. works great. then i 
got an adapterless ampliton. i was holding it in my hands, thinking 
sadly of the other 4 adapters in a garbage bag somewhere in the middle 
of a slag heap. as luck would have it, i found another 9v ac 
output(non-nintendo) in my box of adapters. so anyway, now you all have 
a good reason to hang on to(or seek out) those useless nintendo adapters.