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Video Performance Somerville, MA Thursday 05.10

Hi folks,

I'll be doing video improvisations with (at least) the first two 
bands in the below show at PA's Lounge in Somerville. A photo showing 
my projections at PA's with the Lothars can be seen at


At 10:43 AM -0700 5/8/07, Chris Pearson wrote:
>Chris Pearson, former guitarist and singer for Green
>Magnet School (Sub Pop recording artists) and fresh
>off posting a new song on his MySpace page, will be
>playing under the "EKRANOPLAN" imprint, Thursday, May
>10th at PA's Lounge in Union Sq, Somerville.   
>Ekranoplan is the nom de plume of CP when he's
>accompanied by special guests, in this case, Kris
>Thompson (of The Lothars and Concord Ballet Orchestra
>Players, x-Abunai!) on theremin and synthesizer, and
>Dave Y (Dear Old Stockholm Syndrome, x-Nisi Period) on
>Accompanying the festivities will be Dr. T doing live
>video mixing and visual improvisation.  He's done
>projections with Mission of Burma among others, and if
>you've never seen his stuff, it's pretty mind-blowing
>and not to be missed.
>CP/Ekranoplan will be on in a nice early opening slot,
>around 9:30p.m..  Of course, one would be advised to
>stick around for the excellent acts sharing the bill-
>indie experimentalists Lights (headlining), and
>Nonloc, which features Mark Dwinell (of the band
>Bright and of the Badabing! and Strange Attractors
>Audio House labels). 
>Doors are 8:30p.m., tickets are $7.00 for 21+, $10 for
>PA's is at 345 Somerville Ave in Union Sq, Somerville.
>Chris Pearson/EKRANOPLAN
>Kris Thompson
>Dr. T/For Your Head
>"Chris Pearson, former guitarist and vocalist for
>Green Magnet School, now does solo material combining
>the organic with the synthetic utilizing guitars,
>effects, synthesizers, and a laptop in a unique,
>primitivist, post-rock style.  Surprisingly loud for
>one person." 
>also, for those nostalgia buffs in the audience, there
>is now a MySpace site for Green Magnet School:

" Practice makes perfect, imperfect is better."  -- Paul Bley

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