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Re: link to recent GP article on Y2K

Thanks for doing this, Jim, it's so great to see this coverage and I 
just love those photos.

Daryl Shawn
> Hello to all.  I sent this yesterday but learned that the attachment 
> possibly was stripped out so here's a link to a scan of the recent GP 
> article on Y2K6.  Many have talked about this and don't know if all 
> can get the magazine easily so here's a look.  Great spread and 
> congrads to Rick/Bill and all those who got "ink" on this.  As echo'd 
> earlier it was just very cool and inspiring for me to get to be part 
> of this in a remote sense and begin my involvement with LD.
> http://www.chinapaintingmusic.com/production/GP_Y2K6_LoopFest.pdf