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RE: repeater news

>>I know some of you are a bit annoyed by this, but does anyone besides
me find this at all comical? << 
annoyed, but I'm still going to install the new software as soon as it

I'm annoyed that it isn't downloadable; you know it will be on someone's
site inside a few days of the first 32Mb cfc shipping from electrix. &
how cheap is that, anyway? $129 for a 32Mb cfc? grr....

why can't I pay for it & download it? now!

it will all be worth it if the individual track stop/start/reverse works
properly, if you really can go straight from record to overdub, if the
bumps really have gone & (my own favourite) if the simultaneous
pitch/tempo tape-speed emulator works as advertised. I may finally have
to learn how to programme my fcb1010, which I have switched on exactly
once since buying it about a decade ago.

& the dry signal taking on the attributes of the track (pan-wise) means
you could hook up two different inputs & split the repeater into two
2-track loopers..... or have one signal & it's loops go through a
different (mono) effect depending which track you select.... I wonder if
the revised dsp code has managed to reduce the delay on the dry signal
at all.....

damn them! [makes hooked-fish gesture]