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Re: Input/Feedback LED's level question Last time I try to get helpwith this. Please help!

weeksville@comcast.net wrote:
> Before I send my echoplex in to British Audio to be checked out I want 
> to ask this question one more time. Ever since I upgraded to the Loop IV 
> software the input/feedback led's do not seem to work the same.

It was already explained to you that the feedback LED could be ignored 
during Record.

Not that you don't actually have a problem, just hard to diagnose with the 
information you give. 
The more info you give, the more help you get :-)

>    If I 
> set the input level using the input led as my guide (ie get a good solid 
> green input signal), the feedback led will read orange with the 
> recording of the very first loop. 

What counts is how the feedback LED reads on the *playback* of the loop.

What also counts is the incidence of clipping, which you could test for.
How does the input LED reading compare with the onset of clipping when 
listening to the dry output of the edp?

> This happens with all input signals 
> drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards (not just high frequency which I 
> remember causing a little problem like this but not to this extreme.)  I 
> have to turn the input led level down to a level that barely lights it 
> green to get a  level on the feedback led that will allow me to overdub 
> without imediately running out of headroom in the loop.

So, you're actually getting distortion? 


Well, I can imagine that changing the software could alter the display, 
I don't remember that being a feature,) but not that it would alter the 
input sensitivity, as that's all done in hardware.

The other possibility is that you're picking up HF interference somehow, 
and that's messing with the EDP response.

andy butler

I'm forwarding this mail to Matthias, the edp inventor.