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RE: AW: AW: looking for looper that syncs to real drums

My experience tells me that in issues of "time" humans react better than 
machines (even if thhe Wizard is behind the curtain pulling levers and 
pushing buttons).  Pitch shift, time stretch and all are very cool 
effects, but whenit cmes to sync'ing live playing with loops....let the 
live players adjust to the loops, not the other way around.  Tho' I love 
looping, and do A LOT of it...I have become not so obsessed with the 
hardware anymore.  I have an edp which I don't even use, recently sold two 
DL4s and a Digitech JamBoy...I stick with my upgraded/modified Lexi JamMan 
(which, btw, allows for muliple serial and/or parallel "tracks").

I guess the point here is rather than search to find that bit o' gear 
which will "sync to real drums" have your real drums do a "variable sync" 
to your loops....

To my knowledge, the Boss (which I did not like either...not did I care 
that much for the RC20), is the only "budget" looper with multiple tracks. 


> From: jenswolters@gebaeude7.de
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: AW: AW: looking for looper that syncs to real drums
> Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 23:41:04 +0200
> Max,
> you are right. Maybe the solution is as simple as that. I am still quite
> fascinated about what I am reading about the Repeater.
> Is there any budget looper that allows more than one track? As I told 
>you I
> have the RC-50 for testing. I am not shure why, but somehow I don't like
> this looper too much. Too much menus and parameters for live looping in 
> opinion. I don’t need all those drums sounds anyway. Actually I enjoy my
> RC-20 more. I just which it had more than one track.  
> Greetings Jens
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> Betreff: RE: AW: looking for looper that syncs to real drums
> In regards to the tempo shift...and the "drummer sometimes not be  able 
> hear my loops", wouldn't it be simpler to rig up a sort of aux monitor 
> of just your loops to the drummer?  I have found that working with 
> with good drummers it is much easier, more "musical", smoother and thus 
> preferable to have the human "shift" to keep time with the loops, as 
> to digitally shifteing the time to keep with a human (who will inevitably
> shift things again...).
> If the drummer is good, tight as you say....then make sure he can hear 
> loopage well.  IMHO that is the big secret to making loops work in 
> not MIDI clocks or beat shifting......
> Max
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