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repeater looped vocals

Doug wrote:  "Which makes me ponder - someone should make a device that 
translates a click or MIDI clock into a light electrical impulse and 
transmits it wirelessly so that we can attach them to an appropriately 
discreet location on the body.....  talk about feeling the beat! "

I had a friend in Santa Cruz who marketed a device called the MidiNome 
years ago
that did exactly that.     What was cool is that it was large and had a 
circle of LEDs that would sweep
across so you could see when it was going to be right on the beat a little 
ahead of time.
It was great but he asked too much for what the market would bear and they 
went out of production.
I had an endorsement with him for a while,  but one day he called me and 
asked for it back...........damn!!!!

Bjork also use a similar device in her latest concert..........it had a 
display and was up high so that all
the 10 members of her all woman's vocal choir/brass horn section could see 
the conducting:   important as they were all
playing to glitchy laptop musicians who had  control of the rhythm tracks.

rick walker