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Re: Drum Machine w/ Bass?

Depends on what you call a "drum machine."  I agree with Matt...  
you're probably not going to get something that's not cheap sounding  
out of a dedicated drum machine like a TR-909 or Dr. Rhythm...  
however, what's wrong with cheap sounding?  I've heard Matt make  
great music with things audience members brought him for FREE.  Yeah  
that's right Matt... I SAW IT!

However, there are things called "grooveboxes" that are basically  
sequencers with pattern based interfaces, like a 808 that do a decent  
job.  I had a Roland 307 and it was pretty good all around for the  
money.  It can be had pretty cheap on ebay these days.

However, if you have the ability and money to go software, I say do  
it.  The sound quality that can be had is amazing and your interface  
is a billion times better than any dedicated drum machine or  
groovebox I've ever used.  The possibilities are vast though...  if  
you've not used computers before you might want to pick up a copy of  
Computer Music.  It comes with a nice free DVD full of freeware,  
demos and tutorials.  You can basically get started with the price of  
an issue... a computer and an audio interface.  I always recommend  
finding a copy of the now discontinued Native Instruments Electronic  
Instruments 2.  Comes a set of plug ins that more or less cover the  
major bases, you'd just need a host (Like Live, Cubase, Logic,  
Digital Performer...)


On May 30, 2007, at 2:59 PM, Matt Davignon wrote:

> I'm not sure if my answers will be any use to you or not. Sorry in  
> advance.
> I've yet to hear a "bass" sample on a drum machine that I didn't think
> was really cheap sounding.