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AW: OT: VST plugin to do balance/pan function


Hey os,

I'd like to come
 back to your offer below...short answer: I need it for Windows.

Long answer: please find enclosed a reqspec for the thing.



Requirement specification for a VST plugin for Windows XP platforms which allows for panning of mono sources and “balancing” of stereo sources, in the following called „panner“



The panner shall be implemented as a VST plugin for Windows XP platforms as a stereo in/stereo out device and shall be able to function with common bit depths and sample rates up to 32bit/96kHz.


The panner shall have at least one control (“panpot”).


The panpot shall provide one real value to the panner ranging from -1…+1. 0 shall be defined as “center position”. -1 shall be defined as “hard left”. +1 shall be defined as “hard right”. This value shall be called “p”


The panner’s controls shall be controllable within Ableton Live by MIDI commands.


The panner shall function as a 2 in, 2 out mixer which sends a combination of the two channels of the stereo input pair (IL and IR) to the two channels of the stereo output pair (OL and OR) defined by a mathematical transformation.


The mathematical transformation shall be of the form

OL = IL*f(p) + IR*g(p)

OR = IL*f(-p)) + IR*g(-p)

with f, g real functions of p.


There shall be at least one choice of function pairs f, g.


There shall be one choice of functions f, g as follows:

f = 1    ; p < 0

f = 1-p ; otherwise.

g = 1-f.


If the number of function pairs is greater than one, there shall be a control for selecting the function.


If the selected functions f,g are continuous, changing p may not lead to signal artifacts.


The panner shall be optimized for resource-friendlyness, i.e. it shall not tax the host computer’s CPU or main memory more than necessary.


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> Betreff: Re: OT: VST plugin to do balance/pan function
> I could write you one pretty quickly. Do you need it for Mac
> or Windows?
> cheers,
> os.
> On 12/04/07, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill
> <rs@moinlabs.de> wrote:
> > I need a pan/balance thing to put in my signal chain in
> Live in front
> > of Mobius. It should be a stereo in/stereo out VST and do
> the following:
> >
> > It should be basically a dual mono in/stereo out thing with pan
> > functions in each input and one dial controlling them. If
> the dial is
> > centered, the pan settings should be left for the left
> input and right
> > for the right input. If you turn the dial to the left, the right
> > channel's pan setting should be turned to the left, if you turn the
> > dial to the right, the left channel's pan setting should be
> turned to the right.
> >
> > And perhaps different settings for level compensation.
> >
> > Is something like this available?
> >
> >         Rainer
> >
> >
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