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Re: AW: Group of people looping. Is there such thing ?


I read you're from Vancouver Island. Great! I haven't met any local 
people on this list. I recently moved to the Cowichan Valley, and wanted 
to say hi-- I'm a fellow looper and also, an inventor (have a look at 
the link below).

.. Folks,


I'd like to chime up and say that Freewheeling is capable of looping 
with multiple musicians. You can map several MIDI interfaces to 
different loop slots. You can have several audio inputs and several 
people can be grabbing loops at once (although there is no support as of 
yet for several sets of levels for different users). One advantage to 
going this way is that, instead of loading several plugins, you have 
everything together and already syncronized in one app.

You may want to check it out-- it's Mac and Linux only, and configuring 
it takes some skill, but
for your effort, you get great customizability. Plus, it's open-source, 
and it can be made into a hardware box. There's a project out there to 
make a small Freewheeling box on an embedded Linux box (see 
www.linutop.com). Collaborators are welcome!

-JP Mercury
(author of Freewheeling)