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Re: Laptop help

You'd think there would be a decent, and somewhat objective online article or web page out there that provides recommendations for folks wanting to go to laptop for looping. I think such an article would be a good addition to the LD page. I wish I had time to write it. Maybe someone can work up a draft and have the group provide input on the final version. ???
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So many options. I'm sure you'll get a flood of responses here, but I'll make only a few general recommendations and personal opinions:
It doesn't matter whether you go mac or pc (that argument is now defunct), unless you have your heart set on one particular piece of looping software (e.g., Mobius is pc only and others are restricted to one platform or another)
For software, check this out for options: http://www.krispenhartung.com/software-looping.htm (some are free and perfectly fine, others cost little to a lot)
I would go for an audio interface that is firewire (make sure your laptop as firewire too) and also MIDI on the same breakout box (check out presonus, motu, m-audio, RME, etc...or just search on audio recording interfaces until you find something that has those features).
Whether you go mac or pc, make sure you get one with the Intel duo core in it...I'd go for 2GHz and 1gig of RAM at least.
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Sent: Saturday, June 16, 2007 5:01 PM
Subject: Laptop help

So, supposing I wanted to move my looping to the computer. As a practical question (and assuming I am starting from nothing), and trying to keep costs down, what do I need?

I mean, what CPU, how much memory, what audio/MIDI interface do I need to achieve acceptable latency to loop? I have a slight bias toward Mac, since I am kind of drawn toward Kenaxis and Lisa -- but I could go PC easily enough (I'm sure such things exist over there too). I don't foresee needing to run a lot of VSTs while I loop -- basically, just a machine to run a looper like Sooperlooper or Mobius, and an interface that won't lag so badly I struggle to play along with it. Then hook up an FCB1010 and go to town.