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Re: Performance Gestures [was: Re: Laptops]

Fripp is really a charachter,i remember seeing him in
Solana Beach as well in the 90īs, he played before the
league of gentelmen.As he was getting ready to open up
with his soundscapes some drunk dude in the back
yelled "go bob!" and Fripp put his guitar down and
evil stared at the guy without saying a word or moving
like some strange alien from mars for about 20
seconds,the audience (including myself) couldnīt help
it and started laughing! Belew on the other hand  is
happy to hear such remarks,clowns around and almost
invites you to get up onstage and dance with him, i
can see why Crimson broke up for a while...

--- John McIntyre <mcintyre@pa.msu.edu> wrote:

> David O'Heare wrote:
> > Fripp?  Not always, maybe not often.  I've only
> seen him live once 
> > (with League of Gentlemen), and he sat on a stool
> the whole 
> > performance (after telling the audience that the
> show "...is a dance, 
> > not a concert."
> >
> > At the League of Gentlemen show I saw, Fripp
> chided those standing as 
> > close to him as possible that "This area is
> reserved for dancers."
> John McIntyre
> mcintyre@pa.msu.edu


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