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Re: laptops and performance

> RICK WALKER schrieb:
>> If the performance (and musician) is not so important and only the
>> music is, why will people NOT pay to go see a show where you just put
>> your latest recording on with a fantastic sound system?

On 22 jun 2007, at 12.02, Stefan Tiedje wrote:
> In France there is a well known festival/competition in Bourges  
> dedicated mostly to pure tape music. (The term tape is used for  
> completely prerecorded/produced in the studio). And at GRM they  
> have a special loudspeaker orchestra to play this kind of music. In  
> this case it will be mixed live, but the performer is not on stage  
> and out of focus for the audience.
> This tradition exists since more than 50 years...

That tradition is also alive in Sweden. I personally discovered it in  
1980 and spent a lot of time traveling around here to catch up with  
"playback sessions" at any of those gorgeous sound systems. *The  
point is that the music was composed and produced for a dedicated  
system, surround or whatever, and then a festival assembles such a  
system to play it back to the audience. Even though it's possible to  
set up rather complex sound systems for live performance it is quite  
a different league when the music is carefully composed for the  
system. (Last year I was lucky to play improvised live looping over a  
18 channel/speaker system that covered all four walls plus the  
ceiling. A collaborator used a Laptop with PD to run live  
distribution of frequency bands over the speaker channels)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)