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Re: Zappa, and homework for the weekend.

I've had the absolute week from hell and I put on my old Zappa '81 
Halloween in NY video to watch with lunch.  Tough to worry about 
bills/money/crazy stuff watching FZ.  The Helsinki band and the '81 band 
with "Stevie Vai" are my 2 fave Zappa road gangs.


>This morning while paying bills and cleaning the house, and I put on "You 
>Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Volume II' The Helsinki Concert". Now THAT 
>was a band. Ruth, George, Napoleoen et. al. were killing it that night. 
>That concert was at the end of the same tour as the Fillmore album. I 
>guess they were bored because every tune was very fast.
>I sometimes forget why I play music, then I hear a performance like that, 
>and it clears my head. 
>So, for the good of all your loopy heads, I want all of you to listen to 
>a Frank Zappa album this weekend, or maybe just a song, or check out all 
>the great old videos on YouTube. Report back on Monday with what you 
>listened to and your impressions of said music. It will be good for you. 
>Yours in music,