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Re: Structure & Freedom (was 'more loops)

On 22 jun 2007, at 20.45, miles ward wrote:

> What have other folks on the list used musically as indicators of
> "time to return to the mothership"  like James Brown did calling out
> "take me to the bridge!" only more subtle maybe?  on stage
> communication is what i'm trying to figure out, while you're buried in
> the jam...
> -Miles

When playing with non-looping bands we have just been using any kind  
of sign agreed on - like one finger in the air, two fingers etc, a  
key person landing after a high jump etc etc. When doing solo live- 
looping improvisational concerts it's way more easy because you can  
simply copy a "well structured" loop into a new loop position and  
start hacking it up with your playing. After your trip to outer space  
you return to the mother ship by going back to the original loop. I  
don't remember the detailed method for other loopers but with Mobius  
you go "Next Loop" and during the Lame Duck Period (before the  
commanded action is happening at the end of the cycle) you hit  
"Multiply" (I think... damn! I just forgot it... eventually it is  
"Overdub", I use to try out that manoeuver before gigs to make sure I  
have it correctly). I think that trick is possible with the EDP as well.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)