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Re: rackmount line mixers

At 8:32 PM -0700 6/26/07, skincage wrote:
>I am finding myself frustrated in my search for a rackmount mixer for
>use with my Repeater. Ideally, I'd like to confine my gear to one box,
>airplane safe. Surely there are 1 or 2 space solutions that offer
>stereo inputs, and a stereo send?

Try looking at the Alesis ZoneMix 6 (and the Numark RM-6 -- which is 
identical except for the branding).

It's a 1U rackmount mixer with six stereo inputs.  It's designed for 
DJ's and installations, so any input can be routed or summed to 
either of two busses, A and/or B.  Each channel has a switch for 
routing to A, B, or A+B; as well as individual volume and mute 
controls.  Each bus is fully stereo with its own EQ, Pan, and Mute 

I merely designate one of the busses for an Effect Send, and the 
other for the Mains.  Then I route the Effect Returns back into 
individual channels.  The only annoyance is that the unbalanced I/O 
is on RCA jacks.  It's built well and there are plenty of jacks, 
though, so it turns out to be a pretty flexible configuration.

They've been discontinued for a while, but still pop up on Ebay for 
reasonable prices.

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