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Re: TONIGHT: loopers Michael Manring, Barry Cleveland, RickWalker, Robert Powell in Oakland, California

Break a stick Rick!

Wish I could be there for that one.


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---- RICK WALKER <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote: 
> A last minute nudge in case anyone in the SF Bay Area is interested in 
> coming to
> see me play with Barry Cleveland (guitar),  Michael Manring (fretless 
> and Robert Powell (pedal steel/lap steel/guitar) at the 21 Grand in 
> We begin at 8:30 and the headliner is Robert Pinhas,  a very creative 
> guitarist/synthesist
> in a band that has the original drum from MAGMA (nudge, nudge, wink, 
> all you prog fans out there).
> We're looking to explore a lot of odd and compound time signatures in 
> explorations and
> all four of us will be doing some looping (in , hopefully , a tasteful 
> though
> the gig is not specifically a looping gig.
> I know Bob Amstadt (Looperlative),  Bill Walker, and several others from 
> list will be at the gig.
> Please come on down and check it out.
> 21 Grand is located at 416 25th Street (@ Broadway) in Oakland. More 
> information about the venue may be found here.
> Oh, yeah,  and I'll be playing drumset,  exotic percussion and 
> (loopy ones).
> yours, Rick Walker