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rocktron all access - silent switching

Hi dears,
in the never ending hunt for the right pedalboard, it seems I have the 
chance to get a Rocktron All Access for a reasonable price.

I have never touched it pesonally and I need to find someone who owns or 
knows it to have a few informations:
-how are the switches ? I need to know if they are "silent" like the old 
Tc Electronic switches ( which don't "click") or are the typical noisy 
ones. This is a very important thing for me as I am playing more and 
more frequently in acoustic/classic environments, when you can't produce 
any other noise ( or sound ;-)) than what you are actually playing.
-does exist a pc editor for the all access ?
-any issue or anything I should be aware about.

thank you and sorry for the non artistical topic.

my best,