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Boss RC50 loopstation

Hi, probably a stupid quesition but does anyone have experience with the Boss RC50? I've been thinking of getting one for a while now but I can't work out how independent your inputs can be when using it as a live looper.

If you're putting a guitar and a mic through it and you're looping the guitar, does it have to pick up whatever is coming through the mic (if there was crowd noise, for example...)? Presumably that way you'd lose a lot of sound quality. Equally, I wouldn't want to have to mute the mic when looping guitar in case I wanted to sing over the top of the loop afterwards (or add percussion via the mic).

I'm confused. I'm thinking that the only solution, if you want to be able to control mic and guitar loops independently, is to have two separate units... but then you can't sync your live loops. If anyone can tell me otherwise, I'll go and buy the thing right now. I've gone cross-eyed just trying to work this thing out!
Otherwise, I'll stick to Jamman for mic/vocals and RC20xl for guitar.

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