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Re: Boss RC50 loopstation

Yeah, could do I suppose!

David Gans <david@trufun.com> wrote:
At 2:09 PM +0100 7/2/07, Stuart Masters wrote:
>Hi, probably a stupid quesition but does anyone have experience with
>the Boss RC50? I've been thinking of getting one for a while now but
>I can't work out how independent your inputs can be when using it as
>a live looper.
>If you're putting a guitar and a mic through it and you're looping
>the guitar, does it have to pick up whatever is coming through the
>mic (if there was crowd noise, for example...)? Presumably that way
>you'd lose a lot of sound quality. Equally, I wouldn't want to have
>to mute the mic when looping guitar in case I wanted to sing over
>the top of the loop afterwards (or add percussion via the mic).

How about a microphone with an on/off switch?


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