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Re: Studio recording - breaking patterns - ideas?

On Jul 1, 2007, at 10:14 AM, Todd Pafford wrote:

write a tune or two vocally.  Sing,

whistle, or hum something and build it up that way.  Once you've got

something that sounds appealing, figure out how to play what you were

just singing and go from there.

Another idea is to pick a time signature or rhythm you wouldn't

normally use and see what happens when you try to build a song around


Some of my favorite things I've written evolved using a combination of these two techniques.  I would walk around campus in college humming a groove to myself, and then I would mess it up by imposing odd time signatures (usually changing every measure or two) onto my groove.  I would then take that home, figure it out on keys or guitar, and build a song around the groove.  Very satisfying.

Thanks!  I needed to be reminded to think this way.