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   Hpd-10's spozed to have new sound banks,but the functions are limited.I 
think the 15 is better . Forget using  hand drum technique on it.The 
techique is more ,like bad typing ,kind of punching with an extended 
finger.Doesn't play anything like any hand drum, I know of. This might be 
appealing to nonpercussionists,but could further the dangersous and 
altogether too common belief that percussion instruments dont; require 
technique  or knowledge.It does do mute/open things and attack 
It's definately possible to get some very nice stuff out of it. Some of 
samples sound good. I 've never been willing to pay 9 bills for a hpd15 ad 
wouldn't pay 5 for the 10 ,but I would pay 5 for a used 15,it would be 
useful for sure.Esp for these  SF burningmantribe gigs with massive 
subwoofers and no monitors