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Re: Laptops -dedicated to music only?

In a message dated 7/3/2007 4:08:25 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, perboysen@gmail.com writes:
If everything works under XP I would never update to Vista. If you 
want to make music with the help of computers the golden rule is to 
never change a working system. That's the attitude we all have to our 
musical instruments and that's the secret of getting good at playing 
I totally agree with this. I actually had Vista (came with a new computer I purchased) and at the time almost no one save Motu supported it. Most music specialty companies have come online with driver support in the last 4 months but I still wouldn't want the hassle of all the uncertain configuration issues with the OS itself. I am thinking it will take another 1-2 years or so to get the OS bugs worked out of the system itself via Microsoft. Of course we have to allot the necessary time needed to give the industry music computer engineers and developers a chance to tweak the Vista system for optimum compatibility and performance.
There is one KILLER advantageous feature that Vista offers however. USB Plug n play virtual RAM. Now *that* smokes! Can you imagine a laptop with 2 gig of maxed ram becoming a 4 or 6 gig system in an instant? An elephant ain't the only beasty in the local jungle soon destined to never forget.     

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