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Re: live looping with ableton live

more on Live's sync shortcomings:


That said, I use Live pretty much exclusively, but then I don't sync
it to anything else :)

I find Live good for my particular style of looping, which relies on
the fact that I'm usually not looping myself - and so have time to
drive Live (with a mouse etc.). I imagine it would be quite hard to
use Live if you're just a solo guitarist (say), but I know it's been

Normally I use a combination of Live and Augustus Loop - Live for
straight repetitions of phrases, Augustus for more 'evolving' stuff.

To each his own. If you're looking for an Echoplex substitute though,
Live ain't it.


On 03/07/07, Bernhard Wagner LD
<loopdelightml-NDI3MDE=-@bernhardwagner.net> wrote:
> - live sucks as a sync slave
> - live can't overdub
> - live doesn't have the "First Loop Capability"
> - but you can use Augustus Loop or Mobius as plugins
> search the archives, e.g.
> http://www.loopers-delight.com/LDarchive/200506/msg00042.html
> Bernhard
> On 03.07.2007, at 21:30, Tilmann Dehnhard wrote:
> > maybe someone else from the list could give you (and me) a little
> > "how to" about using live as a looper?