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Re: live looping with ableton live

At 9:30 PM +0200 7/3/07, Tilmann Dehnhard wrote:
>maybe someone else from the list could give you (and me) a little 
>"how to" about using live as a looper?

Hrm, reading through a bit of backlogged email, and it occurs to me 
that it would probably be nice to stop hijacking threads and actually 
post something useful.

Here's a couple of things I've had bookmarked.  This is a link to a 
tutorial from the Ableton boards on how to set up Live for Live 


And here's one that shows you how to do something similar using the 
Mackie Controller emulation:


Both of these are PC-centric, and frequently make reference to Bomes 
Translator.  If you're over on the Mac side, you can probably hack 
something similar using MIDIPipe.

Hope that helps some....

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murder... later"