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  Per said you use wax on the bow,I assume he means Rosin,which increases 
friction which is what violin and other string players use..I think wax 
would tend to make the bow slide more smoothly, making it harder to get a 
sound. Bows are usually made from horstails .One could possible construct 
one to suit one's needs. There's a busker in SF named Michael Masely who 
invented this way of playing hammer dulcimer/santur/cymbalom type 
instruments.He has the regular sort of hammers,with the striking surface 
extended a bit and horse hair glued in such a way that he can either 
the string,or bow it,He has these rigged to fit over his fingertips and 
employs sevreal at a time.   No less a personage than Nicholas 
Scale Thesaurus fame was impressed enough to include him in his history of 
20th century music.Not bad for a busker.