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Re: bows for guitars

That's very cool.

It's basically the same as an arpeggione (although
electrified and solid-bodied), an instrument which
enjoyed some popularity a few hundred years ago that
allowed guitarists to double on a cello-like
instrument; it was essentially a fretted guitar with a
tightly radiused fingerboard and a narrow waist for


--- Mark Smart <mwsmart@insightbb.com> wrote:

> At hte NAMM show last year, I played one of these
> things:
> http://www.bowedguitar.com/
> The "Togaman". Wow, EXTREMELY cool. Tuned like a
> guitar, with arched frets 
> and bridge. You can stop the strings either in
> mid-air or by pressing 
> against the frets. Sounds like an electric violin. I
> was really impressed. 
> Sounds great and relatively easy to play.


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