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Re: bows for guitars

Andy, the custom built instruments I saw were around $4K as you say EBOW is a excellent alternative for only $60. Having said that I'm still trying to master the Ebow. Listening to your CD you have had a lot of practice.


At 08:56 04/07/2007, andy butler wrote:
hi Luis.

The basic problems are 1) the body of the guitar gets in the way
2) the bridge for a bowable instrument really needs to be curved, so you can
access individual strings ( so the fretboard needs to be curved too)
so the only good solutions I know are

1) a custom built instrument
2) ebow ;-)
3) there's a technique I sometimes used for bass which would work with guitar, only works
 for the two outside strings and not that easy to co-ordinate, but I can share that if you like.

has a custom instrument.

andy butler

L.A. Angulo wrote:
Hi Gang,
id like to start experimenting with bows which work
better for guitars and can you spare some techniques
string gage etc.?Although Jimmy page has been an
inspiration i didnt find his bowing technique
particulary exciting,any other artists out there?

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