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Re: it's in G, G

If you have Max/MSP:


On Jul 5, 2007, at 11:38 AM, Mark Sottilaro wrote:

Not sure if someone’s figured this out for Flash, but you can totally do this with Arkaos.


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seems like flash really lends itself to looping. one wonders if there's a way to trigger animated avatars from a midi interface- have one's own virtual dance troupe on a big screen, sort of thing.....


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On 7/3/07, Michael Peters <mp@mpeters.de> wrote:
> http://svt.se/hogafflahage/hogafflaHage_site/Kor/hestekor.swf
> surely this qualifies as loopage?

erm, yes, I'd say it does 

-Michael  :-)

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