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Re: bows for guitars

My own approach these days (having failed with the Pirhanha) is to use the eBow -- which I'm getting better at. But even before this conversation, I ordered gear I thought might do the sustained sound trick. My plan is to use one of these --

http://www.pigtronix.com/products/ASDR.htm (should get mine next week)

-- or one of these (cheaper!) --


-- with one of these, which I already own:


The trouble with my plan is that the sustainiac is pretty random as to which harmonic it decides to sustain. I'm pretty OK with that, but you might not be.

I toy with getting my friend, Steve Holst, to build a gamba or apreggione for me, but I haven't quite decided yet. (It's either that or a harp-uke. Or something else. I've been thinking about it for a year or so now.)

On 7/5/07, RICK WALKER <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
andy butler wrote about the pirhanha bow:
"thanks Kelly, just ordered one of those.
if anyone's interested I'll report back about it (in about a month)"

lol,  we're like odd peas in a pod, Andy.
I immediately ordered one as well.
It'll be fun to compare notes.

did you , by the way,  see my rather wordy post about Suzuki miniature bows?
They are cheap and work great on lots of instruments.

wish you were able to make the loopfestival this year.   we miss you guys!

yours,  Rick