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Re: record industry

The record industry has always been a complete joke, from the artists  

It used to be, you get signed and have to give away your publishing.
It is like buying a house, paying for it, paying the interest and  
when you have finished paying for it, you don't own the house, the  
bank does.

I'm energised and enthusiastic about the current state of play.
I'm cheering the decline of record companies with absolute and total  
New business models, implemented by the artist, ownership of  
publishing rights, grass roots fan base via the net.
Look at the Arctic Monkeys- bloody brilliant for a band to have that  
sort of success with no record company involvement.

Making music and living as an artist has always been a challenge-  
without getting top happy-clappy about it I think it is a terrific  
time to be in control of your own career.
It is certainly a lot of work- but putting a lot of work in is what  
it is all about.
No-one is going to knock on your door tomorrow with a record  
contract, the world doesn't owe us a living.

Typically musicians are lazy buggers anyway- it doesn't take that  
much work to stand out head and shoulder above the drek- you simply  
need to have good ideas, be focussed, have good people skills and  
recognise that some compromise is needed... and patience... lots and  
lots of patience.


Jim Richmond

On Jul 5, 2007, at 2:17 PM, samba - wrote:

>  I think the record industry started it's decline by gearing it's  
> whole promo machine to producing Very expensive videos for  
> MTV ,henceforth known as emptyvideos.They stopped putting money  
> into more creative eccentricquirky acts and even dropped alot of  
> famous musicians who were making platinum record cause they were  
> dropping 100k on each video. Meanwhile MTV staretd producing more  
> feature programming designed to keep viewers tuned in rather than  
> surfing,and reduced the amount of airtime for mtvids.When napster  
> and cheap digital recording  came along the didn't adapt  
> intelligently. The tech changes are certainly an important  
> factor,but secondary to bad tactics and strategies.They could have  
> used napster to their advantage.
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