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Re: Record Industry Decline

In a message dated 7/6/2007 12:23:32 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, mattdavignon@gmail.com writes:
3) Album-Oriented music is going away (except on indie labels). If you
buy a hit album today, you're much more likely to enjoy only the hit
singles than with older albums. They're built that way. The singles
have the talented songwriters, engineers and producers. That in itself
wouldn't mean declining cd sales - unless we live in a culture where
people can pick and choose which songs they're going to get (a la
downloading) or when compilation albums (like "Now that's what I call
Music") pool all the singles together while they're still on the
radio. If people can get all the songs they like on a comp, they're
going to buy fewer full length albums.
To me, this is literally the crux of the societal evolution angle. RADIO. It's sad that the media has become such a common place and completely effective tool of corporate business. Long ago they put a stop to giving us free choices in that we (as a unsuspecting society) via their programming are not allowed independent differentiations of anything, but rather their focus became training us "how" to differentiate in an effort to best suite their greed manifest.
I personally am very happy with the current state of the music business. Like it was many years ago in the advent of the FM radio, the Internet has HELPED musicians to reclaim a more so "music first, business second" stance.

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