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Re: Record Industry Decline - please continue offlist

Quoting jayrope <jrploopers@kliklak.net>:

> I would appreciate this rather "flame war" type of discussion to be
> continued offline or at least marked "OT" (off topic) and concentrate on
> friendly looping again.
> No offense of course, and thank you.
> ---
> best greets from berlin.
> jayrope
> http://kliklak.net

Well, if this continues off list, please include my address in your  
correspondence.  I have found the comments interesting and informative.

Often times, we musicians focus on creating music and many of us (I  
count myself in this) have limited information about the business side  
of music.  Thus, this thread may be "old hat" to some people however I  
appreciate reading the insights that people have shared here.

All the best to one and all!

-- Kevin