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record industry

As the suits have attenuated the choices available in mainstream popular 
music there has been an incredible flourishing of music produced. In 1975 
was doing radio and playing as much ethnic stuff as I could get,a typical 
record store would have maybe 5 or 6 albums in their International section 
,something celtic,maybe something Greek or Spanish ,maybe a Belly Dance 
your Husband record and some Polka or German Beer Hall Songs,maybe an 
Piaff record.I used to order Nonesuch stuff whenever I could come up with 
the money,and comb used record stores ,thrift stores and borrow tapes from 
the university library. These days you can get hundreds of  new World 
recordings a year,and from every culture on the planet. that's just one 
category.Amoeba recrods in SF must ahev 10,000 electronic selctions