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Re: Studio recording - breaking patterns - ideas?

On Jul 7, 2007, at 11:17 PM, p koniuto wrote:

Second, i can offer that i believe most of us go into the

studio thinking, at least on some level, we are doing

something for posterity's sake, that this should last, it

should speak to generations, it is carved in stone, it's what

we are leaving the world.

I'm quite surprised by this.

I have to say that when I am recording the idea that anyone will care about what I am doing is the last thing from my mind.
Depending on whether it is a personal project or session work my thoughts usually range from "How am I going to make this sound huge?" to "How am I going to make this suck less than it does?" - I've never thought about  the idea of a 'legacy'.

Wouldn't that seem a bit presumptuous and maybe a bit naff?
You are right though- if one was thinking these thoughts it would absolutely affect the work.

I've occassionaly worked with the odd person who can be best described as wanna-bee auteur- these people are usually more trouble than they are worth and best avoided, unless the money is right.
I would rather an easier life, myself.


Jim Richmond

Currently positioned next to a farting bulldog.
Green Village, NJ